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Become a member of the FOX 32 News team! When you see news happen, be sure to share with Chicago and FOX 32. It's fast, easy and your pictures or video could be featured during a newscast!

How does it work?


Take a picture or shoot a video of breaking news, weather, your pet, events from your community or anything else that you think is newsworthy.


UPLOAD your photos/videos by clicking the blue "Upload" button at the top right of this page.

Select which photos you'd like to upload, and give each of them a title and description.


IMPORTANT: Choose the appropriate Channel(s) you'd like your photos to appear in. Also, provide Tags (keywords) so your photos are more easily searchable. You may also use the map feature to show where your photos were taken.




EMAIL your photos/videos to foxpix@foxchicago.com.


* Be sure to include a TITLE for your content in the subject line of your email and a DESCRIPTION (name, location, etc.) in the body of the email!
* Providing a title in the subject line will add your content to the correct category.
* You can also log on and add a title and description to your photo or video!
* All content is moderated. No advertisements will be accepted. Please send only one picture, duplicates will not be approved.


Be sure to save foxpix@foxchicago.com in your mobile phonebook so you can send us pictures and video when you see news happen in your community!


Got questions or need help? Visit our help section.